25 Ottobre 2021

Klarna backs Berlin’s B2B buy now, pay later leader Billie in $100m round

Billie has quadrupled its valuation to $640m. As buy now, pay later valuations continue to soar, Berlin’s B2B pay later leader Billie has also seen its price tag skyrocket.

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This morning Billie reported a $100m equity funding round at a $640m valuation, quadruple its last valuation in 2019, as well as a refinancing credit line of $200m per month from a consortium of German banks including Raisin DS and Varengold Bank. Dawn Capital in London led the equity portion of the fundraise, with B2C buy now, pay later giant Klarna and China’s Tencent also taking part, along with existing investors.

Essentially Billie offers buy now, pay later options for business-focused retailers, rather than those aimed at consumers, which might have more specific and bespoke requirements. The cash will be used for Billie to expand internationally and deepen its technical integration with Klarna and other strategic partners.

Scopri di più all’interno dell’approfondimento di AltFi.

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