23 Aprile 2021

Banca Sella and Workinvoice form open banking partnership

Banca Sella (digital banking champion) and Workinvoice (Italian fintech pioneer) have partnered to jointly develop new, seamless digital financial services for corporates.

The collaboration between Banca Sella and Workinvoice will provide the bank’s corporate customers with customer centric convenient solutions to finance their working capital. One of the first services that will be launched is factoring as a service, which will allow companies to unlock liquid assets from their collection and payment cycle.

This will be followed by a digital reverse factoring service which will provide greater transparency and flexibility for supply chain financing, and unlike traditional reverse factoring services, this will also be available to medium-sized companies (those having €50M to €300M annual turnover) which are usually excluded from these solutions.

The flexibility of Workinvoice technology has enabled this collaboration. Workinvoice has developed a system that is entirely based on APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and enables a constant dialogue with the API platform provided by Banca Sella, so as to offer the bank’s customers fast, digital services and a simple, intuitive experience.

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